I know.  I really should just keep my mouth shut.  But I just read the article in this week's People Magazine. You know... the one and ONLY ONE that Elin said she will do. 

It makes me sick.  Tiger Woods is such a P.O.S.  Ya know... I know.  People cheat.  It happens A LOT and sadly all the time.  I'm a married woman.  To my 'baby's daddy.'  But yet.  The thought of the things that he did to that poor woman.  How on God's Green Earth could any man LIVE with himself going out and doing it with TONS of women when your WIFE IS PREGNANT????  That's just sick.  And oh so wrong.  It's 9 months skumbag.  Couldn't you have at least paid her a LITTLE respect?!?!?!

To me-if he has an 'addiction'.. you know, the one he 'claims' he has... Then why did he get married???  What made HIM think he's better than everyone else?

I have to say one of the things about it-that BUGS ME THE MOST. 

The fact that he's a 'great golfer' and the fact that I've heard 'he's divorced now.. he can do whatever he wants.'

That PISSES me off.  (Sorry Boston-glad you can't read yet, kid.)

I don't care if he was The Pope.  That STILL doesn't give him the 'ok' to do what he did.  Sports fans and a large amount of men (not going to say all-cause I don't want to be called a man hater) seem to give him this 'get out of jail free' pass. 

I had/have the same issues with Michael Vick.  So much so, that I was on a panel with Pa. Governor Ed Rendell and a few other Philadelphia 'important people' on the Dr. Phil Show.  It was nuts.  And I held NOTHING back.

It's not about how great they can play the game... or the fact that 'everyone makes mistakes'.

It's about WHAT we are teaching our children.  Frys my ass.

I feel horrible for his kids.  That poor daughter is going to grow up thinking that all men do horrible things to their wives like her dad did.  And his son?!?!  He's just a baby...so I don't want to degrade him... but he's going to grow up as "Tiger Woods" son.  You don't think he's going to be pathetic towards women?  You don't think there will be a time when he says "Well, my dad did it."

I don't want to pass judgement... (You think?!?!)

But I can't help but feel the emotions I feel about the situation.

And the fact that 90% of the men I've talked to about this had that 'great golfer/free man' mentality.

I just hope that Elin really is as sweet as she sounds. 

She's got a lot of work to do and a long road ahead for those kids.  I hope that she can teach them what's wrong and right.

And I REALLY hope she teaches her daughter how to beat the hell out of any man with a golf club who does her wrong.  Too bad Elin didn't break his arm.


Disclosure:  I usually never promote violence-especially domestic violence.  So don't leave me evil comments.  I'm just expressing an opinion.  My OWN opinion.