Last night was a very rare date night with my hubby.  Seriously.  My ever so fantastic mom who has been at my house since ... um... like almost 2 weeks ago (wow.  That time FLEW by!) wanted us to get out.

So hubby and I went to see a movie.  Now mind you-I've been with him since 2003 (married since '07) and I can count on one hand how many movies we've been to.  He's not much of a movie fan and his inability to sit still with his ADD doesn't help lolol!

Anyway... we saw a cute movie.  I wasn't thrilled with the end.  As I wanted to see Jennifer Aniston in a wedding dress...but then again-she's so non-traditional in this movie-maybe they weren't meant to get married traditionally! ha.

Here's an adorable interview she did with Chelsea Handler.

Those two would be awesome having margaritas in Cabo with!

Check out the trailer from the movie here.  Jason Bateman is still such a cutie!  Glad to see him back in movies.