I don't even know where to start.  First off-let me clarify that this is a 'mini' post.  Just cause I have so much video footage-I might have to do it in segments! ha. 

My new friends in Lancaster and I have been working on this event pretty much all summer.  And I am totally the 1st person to admit- I HAD NO IDEA LANCASTER, PA WAS SO COOL!!

And honestly... we didn't spend much time in Lancaster!  We were in beautiful Strasburg.  This pic is of my sweet little dude holding a baby chic.  I mean really?  Does it get any cuter than this?  Ugh.  It was one of many magical moments for me!

And once again... our 24 whirlwhind getaway has given me a travel hangover!  My poor mom.  She flew in on Tuesday unexpectedly and since I needed to take care of some things online and she's a wicked backseat driver I had her drive there. 

The trip is only about 60 miles from my house..but after leaving at 7am to be there for a 10:30 event-UGH not so much!!  202 near Downingtown was a total parking lot.  It took us 3 HOURS TO GET THERE!!  And me freaking out on my poor mom cause we were going to be late.  Ugh.

It all turned out fine.  We missed the train ride that the group was on with Strasburg Railroad-but we there when they arrived back. Be sure to get your tix for the Thomas The Train weekend on their website: Strasburg Railroad .  We rode the train yesterday.  The breeze was AMAZING compared th Wednesday...ahhhh.  And - not to mention - my mom and 2 year old was on the CUSP of taking a nap on the train!  The conductor was awesome too.  With such great storytelling!  Psst.. You'll hear the 'coolest' ghost train response along the way.  My question to them is-how long did it take you to figure that out?!?! hahahah

One thing you DEFINITELY want to keep in mind-SOOO save the date for the Day Out With Thomas!  Seriously.  I heard "Thomas Mommy!" the ENTIRE ride home....Yeah.  We'll be there.  With BELLS on.  Or whistles for Thomas!  I had NO IDEA how big Thomas the Train was till visiting Strasburg!  Really!!  My son was out of his mind.  MARK THIS DATE on your calendar:  September 11-19th - it's their day out with Thomas event returning.  ((And BEFORE I forget-you have GOT to book the Lancaster - Marriott at Penn Square!!!  I'm not lying by saying I'm a 'hotel snob' and this place was UNBELIEVABLE!!!  You will honestly be stopped in your tracks wondering "How did I not know how awesome Lancaster was?!?!?!"  If this tells you anything - my mom went to BED and woke UP wearing her awesome robe!!  I so see a Christmas present idea! hahaha)))

And can I just tell you... IT WAS SOOO DAMN HOTT.   One of the awesome bloggers there said her car read 104 degrees.  Um. That is NOT normal, I tell ya.

We had lunch at the cute little cafe and hung out a bit.  Then we visited Cherry Crest Farms.  SUCH a cool place too! 

There were so many highlights....I think I'm definitely going to have to do a few blog posts on this one. 

But since being a mom never stops.... I hear my 2 year old singing to his Woody Doll.  Better get him up and ready for another day.

A great day.  Cause I'm alive.  And MY Mama's here.