Sometimes in my life, I tend to run away to my bathtub.  Ok. I'm lying.  It's not's ALL THE TIME!  Seriously, when I was pregnant with Boston and we were househunting-I MADE hubby go for this one because of the bathtub.

It truly kicks arse. least it REALLY does now.

I got this amazing basket from ProFlowers that has made my little bath getaway into a true spa moment!

I gotta be honest with ProFlowers though.  This pic from their website doesn't even do it justice. 

First off...before I even tell you about the goodies inside it...the basket itself it totally adorable!  Many times when you get those type of packages, the goodies come in a flimsy-ugly basket.  Not this one!!  VERY CUTE!  Now, I will tell you-the gift basket I received wasn't the same one as the pic on the website. 

And to once again be honest....I like MY basket better!

There were a couple differences-mine had lotion through a pump...and 4 small adorable wrapped candles instead of the two tall ones.

But still-It was totally perfect!

Oh..and what else comes with it you ask?

--A FAB box of Taxo Teas

--Bath salts (that smell sooo good)

--a bath mitt

--bubble bath

**everything has a Green Tea scent to it.

Oh man... as I sit here and try to tell you about it...

I got that "I need a bath" urge.  So... order yours now!  PROMISE you won't be let down!

DISCLOSURE:  I was sent this fab spa gift basket from ProFlowers to experiment on this review.  And like any mad scientist "I'm alive!  I'm alive!"