What a fun time I had this past Friday at the Gary Maddox Bar-b-que event.  It was a tasting for the media..and needless to say.. I TASTED!  ((Dadgummit. I was on a stinking diet too.))

It was so yummy.  Gary and 'Bull' grilled tasty ribs.  Um. VERY tasty ribs. 

He was oh so really sweet too.  Sometimes when you meet sports (or any for that matter) celebs-they aren't the nicest of people.  But Gary was a doll!  A total sweetheart.

Poor guy.  Had sweat DRIPPING off his face.  Yep.  100 degree weather..and we were standing in front of a grill?  Ouchie Hott.

Anyway.. You have to check out the event.  You really do.


It's sponsored by Stephen Starr restaurants-but if you can barbeque..YOU can win the event! If you are a PIT MASTER you can be apart of it.  All you have to do is download the form.

See ya August 7th!  PS-I met Stephen Starr too... VERY quickly.  But man-alive-he needs to eat more! haaha  That guy is UBER busy.  14 restaurants in Philly-2 in NYC and one in FL?!?!?!  Yeah.  MEGA busy.


Hmmm. Makes me hungry thinking about it.