Time to time I come across something that totally makes me ill.  Completely and totally sick to my stomach.

Time to time-I come across articles that I feel totally compelled to share with you.  Something that might just make your mind tick a bit more as a parent.

MomLogic-is great at getting me thinking. 

And today was no exception.  You hear about the stories all the time-but yet-I can't even FATHOM it happening.

Parents forgetting their children in cars...and they die.

How on God's Green Earth can you possibly forget about your child?!?!  I think of mine all day-everyday.  Everytime I start the car up-I roll down 2 windows so that I heaven forbid I lock my kid in the car.

I have done that before mind you.  But after 3 minutes with the air going and police arriving-he was ok.  Me?  In 3 minutes I was so hysterical I could have used a Xanax to calm down.

But to mindlessly forget about your kid?  It has happened 23 times this year so far.

I just don't see how it could be humanly possible.  I mean-the MomLogic story does share some examples of where the kid got out of the house-got in the car-and that's where the event happened...but to just 'forget' about your kid?@?!?!?! 

What do you think?