Ok.. So, something weird is going on with my body.

I'm sure that telling you this-is likely not smart-but, whatever.  I am dealt with anguish this morning... for a couple reasons.  One, my husband went to see Dave Mathews last night... without me.  Poor guy.  I was going to go-but was BESIDE myself because I had sooo much to do. 

As I write this.....my 2 yo is grunting.  Joy.  We know what's coming next.

Anyway... I felt really bad that I didn't go with him.  I just don't like to go to concerts anymore.  What happened to me?  He texted me when he got there and it said this "Just got here...lot of young drunks...wow I'm old..."  Hmpf. 

So...as I was running around like an idiot-trying to get my things and stuff in order for our 25 hour 12 hour drive that starts today.. I FELL down the stairs.  Yes.  You read right.  I FELL down the stairs.

WTHeck?  Yeah.  I was trying to do 1,000 things at once-and FELL down the stairs.

Joy, I tell ya.


Today I have that 'poor me-poor me' mentality.  When I really need a straight kick in the a**. 

My kid is wearing silly bandz.  How does that happen?

We visited a very close and sweet friend of mine.  Her name is Jenny and she lives in the boonies.  hahah.  Yeah... it took some time t get out there-but when we finally made it Boston had the time of his life.  I love Jenny and her little babies.  (Her hubby is pretty awesome too.)  You see... I have this 'connection' with her.  I can totally tell you why.  Cause she's country too.  hahaha.  Yeah.  She's from Knoxville.  Although-you'd never know it if you talked to her.  She doesn't have the redneck country accent.

Oh how I love Miss Jenny.

Ok...so I'm off to pack AGAIN for our trip. 

In the meantime-you HAVE to check out these AWESOME tips for traveling with a toddler from my blogging mom friend, Melissa.  She is truly brilliant.