Um. Is it possible to have a complete and total travel hangover?

We got home LAST Saturday evening after driving 14 hours STRAIGHT.

I have to GLOAT tell you that my 2 year old is a complete and total rockstar!!  Seriously.  He hardly said a peep for 14 hours!!  Maybe because he was enjoying his 225th view of the movie Cars on our Ipad.

Yes.  My son is SERIOUSLY obsessed with Cars.  And cars, trucks, airplanes, motorcycles...anything transportation wise.  I might as well throw out all our other toys cause he only plays with his 765 cars!!

Anyway...... a recap of our week in Myrtle Beach.

First off-HUGE thank you to the wonderful folks at Myrtle Beach Convention & Visitors Bureau.

They were UNBELIEVABLY awesome!!!  Upon arrival-they gave me an awesome Visit Myrtle Beach bag that was just filled with goodies! Inside the bag was an array of event tickets and goodies done up in "Myrtle Beach Style"!  The goodies were a MB visor, little football, MB cookbook with recipes from the hottest restaurants, an MB notpad...They were so generous to me! 

I got tickets to Brookgreen Gardens.  This beautiful Garden museum that is now considered a national landmark.  I can't tell you that we made it there-because it was so hot on our stay-you know the rules...take care of children, elderly and dogs in excessive heat.  Unfortunately there were  a couple things that we didn't get to enjoy because of the heat.  I won't lie.  I was really bummed about it.  But when we walked out of our home-I knew just staying around our house was the right thing to do.  My mom would have loved Brookgreen Gardens.  She loves that kind of stuff.  If you are heading to Myrtle Beach this summer-be sure to hit up Brookgreen Gardens Calendar and find a time to check it out!  It looks just absolutely fantastic!

They also gave us tickets to Family Kingdom Amusement Park too.  I wanted to take my nephew Logan there so badly.  They have Sourth Carolina's largest rollercoaster, ferris wheel, go cart tracks, bumper boats and a ton of really fun activities for the whole family. 

When I tell you that it was hot-I swear to was dangerous hot.  We drove by Family Kingdom-and NO ONE was there.  Not because it was closed-or not fun...but because having kids out in that heat-would have been a bad parenting judgement.  Really.  You can ask my husband-it KILLED me to not get far from our house in Surfside Beach.  I absolutely go nuts when we go on vacation and we don't explore the neighborhood.

One thing that my family did get to experience was Pop's Glass Gallery and Studio in Conway, SC.  I wanted to 'share the wealth' from our goodie bag so I gave that experience to my two sisters so they could get out for a bit.  (They were already sunburned and my older sister had a sick baby on her hands-so she needed a break too!)  My younger sister is so cute.  She took notes for me so that I can share all the details with you!  They headed to Conway, SC to experience a bead blowing class.  I swear - we live in such a small world.  I always run into people from Philly or Chicago!  My sister did this time.  The owners are Barbara and Ed Streeter.  Barbara was born and raised in Philly!  The Streeters entertain and teach thousands of visitors every year.  From October through April you can experience their glass blowing demonstrations.   From ornaments to paperweights to flowers...learn to make them all at Pop's Glass Gallery.


I want to say that we saw all that Myrtle Beach has to offer-but there was no way to get it all in within a week!  Like I said...we barely left our house.  Our house overlooked the beach - so you know we spent LOTS of time on the beach.  Believe it or not-we only ate out once on our trip!  We ate at Bubba's Fish Shack in search for some awesome seafood for me dad & I.  As you can tell... my son and nephew LOVED the T-Shirts that my older sister got them! ha

Boston randomly started running around the place with this oversized T-shirt on top of his head!  (Bubba's don't sell kid's T-shirts).

My oldest nephew who is 16 now was called Bubba when he was little, so was my nephew Logan and also my own son, Boston!

Bubba's run crazy in our family.

About the restaurant..I give honest opinions in my blog reviews-and I have to be honest.  It was OK.  The food was good..but not great.  Maybe I had way too high expectations since I'm a seafood lover & on the beach...but it was very 'bar food like'.  Everything was fried.  I was hoping for a little nicer place with fantastic broiled fish.  If that's what you are looking for - this isn't the place.  My mom & sister had the crab cake sandwich and it was REALLY spicy.  It had a big cajun taste to it.  My dad liked his--but he NEVER eats no matter what it was a treat for him.  I will tell you-if you are looking for a comfortable 'local' place; it's great.  If you do go there-you MUST order the fried pickles or the fried green tomatoes.  OMGosh.  Now those were awesome!!  If you are on a diet-avoid Bubba's.  Cause EVERYTHING is fried.

We were going to hit this all you can eat seafood place-but ran out of time.  My sisters brought rediculous amazing amounts of food.  Put it this way.  When they said 'we'll bring food' they were NOT kidding.  I have to give them credit though...cause it saved on our budget for the week.  That one meal at Bubba's was $200 for the entire family. (11 people).  Do that 4 or 5 times-and it adds up!

Now... I'd love to tell you how much we LOVED our rental house...but that story is to come later.  Cause honestly, I'm waiting to hear back from the rental agency on a couple things that went wrong...and I don't want to put the cart before the horse.  HMPF.  'Nuff said there.

All in all-we had an amazing trip.  It was a life highlight to see my parents on the beach.  My mom's smiles were never ending..and as much as her daughters are complete pain in the asses opinionated individuals..she still had a great time.


I'll never forget the moment at my wedding in Key West when I looked up and my parents were standing under a palm tree....for the first time since I was born.  My heart melted having them there-seeing what the world looks like outside of good old Smalltown, Illinois.  And to see my dad in SHORTS on the beach...and my mom playing with her grandkids and enjoying the oceans wonders....I'll never forget for the rest of my life.

Happy 40th Anniversary, Mom  & Dad!  Thank you for creating such a wonderful memory for our family.  Thank you for stying together...through thick and thin.  You two are such an inspiration to married couples.  You gave up so much to raise your daughters up right.  Looking forward to the next beach getaway.  Maybe we should celebrate your anniversary EVERY year from here on out?  haha

We love and miss you dearly........

Be sure to check back on 'Real Mom Travel's' Page where I'll share with you the tips and tricks to use when visiting Myrtle Beach.