I love being a mom.  For sure. 

Since becoming a mom... I have grown a love to eat.  Eat FAST that is.

Now.. I'm a Mom on a Mission. 

This is definitely not a Mission Impossible.  Cause this has made my life easier in the morning!

Kellogg's Eggo & The MotherHood have introduced me to a whole new way to do the morning routine!

I..am a Mom on a Mission for sure.

***WIN IT!!!  Leave me a comment here-and tell me what it is you do to make your early morning routine a bit easier and I'll hook you up with your very own tasty Real Fruit Pizzas!!  This Mama loves to hook a Mama up!


DISCLAIMER:  I was engaged & compensated by Kellogg's and The MotherHood for this Eggo Opportunity...but TRUST me when I tell you-these things are tasty!!! Cause my hubby ate them both before I even got a chance.  Um. I got one sliver from my mission-then he got home; I had to take care of the kid and upon returning found it GONE.  EATEN.  FINISHED.