Yesterday came and went rather fast.  I was really looking forward to sharing what I knew would be an awesome exerience with Boston. 

And he was exactly what I thought he would be.

A Rockstar.

When we first arrived-he was really shy...but seriously, within minutes he was playing cars and being all friendly with the residents of a senior center in Bryn Mawr.

It was humbling to me. 

It also reminded me 2 things...

1) I have the best kid in the world... 2) Life is short & precious.

I almost cried when he started hugging these two sweet little ladies sitting next to us.  I chuckled cause one was Jewish and she put her thumb on his forehead after he hugged her.  She said something, then sweetly asked him 'have you ever heard that before'?  When she first started doing it-he backed up with the 'what on earth?' thought.. then when I said-'it's ok, it's ok' he went back and let her finish.  Even though we aren't Jewish-if it gave that sweet woman a piece of mind... then allbeit! 

Here's a little recap from our morning.  I was so tired last night when I did it-I hope it turned out ok.

Thanks 77kids and TheMotherhood for the wonderful opportunity to be apart of such a great event.

Disclosure:  Although I was compensated for being apart of this event-I thank The Motherhood and 77kids for the reminder of how precious life really is.