I have been a fan of the Hot Mom's Club forever!  Well.. only since I found out I was going to be a mom.  Now mind you-the name Hot Mom's Club-does NOT mean you are vain and calling yourself a 'hot mom'. 

What it does mean-is a healthy-happy-confident mom...super hot at what she does.

I interviewed Jessica Denay, the author on 9fm when I was in Chicago. 

And now I got to meet her-and interview her in person!

And let me tell you-I will be the FIRST in line when she writes a book about her life!!  Not JUST about being a mom!  She's from Jersey and was a teacher-then she was hired by Pierce Bronson to tutor their family...moved to LA... and her awesome accomplishments go on and now.  And she talked a bit about it when we weren't filming-so I'm sure there is tons for her to share! 

Jessica also does all the stars baby showers in Hollywood.  She said there were some wild stories to tell there...but mind you.  those identities will never be disclosed! ha.

Anyway-she was one of the sweetest people ever!  I loved spending the morning with her...

So, if you are expecting-or just want to be a Hot Mom go grab her book.