Many of you know that I love to party.  Well-let's clarify this.  i USE to love to party.  I use to love getting out, having drinks with girlfriends-or enjoying the fond memories of the times my husband and I had when we were dating.  We'd go to dinner then head out to the bars with his buddies and their wives and girfriends.  And continue to drop rediculous amounts of (what could have been SAVED) money. 


It was just the 'thing' to do.

That was the life in Chicago.  Made lots of $$ and blew it on designer jeans, handbags, cocktails and nights out on the town.  Boy, was I a dumbass then

Well.. upon our move to Philadelphia, that lovely lifestyle is completely and totally obsolete.  Nilche. Nada.


I can honestly say-I have only gone out with 'girlfriends' for drinks ONE time in 3 years.  Yep. 

That's one of two things....


1) I don't have many 'girlfriends' and 2) I became a MOM.

In all my honesty, alcohol is NOTHING what it use to be.  It use to be FUN. Exciting. Social.

All before I hit 30 that is.

And all before I became a mom.

And since I'm on an honesty kick.. I'll admit it out loud.  Online. In your face.

At one point after my son was born, I began to find myself SELF MEDICATING.  With 'the juice'.

I was so sad. So lonely. Lost jobs.  Lost body.  So dying to feel that 'fun' that I 'use to' have in my 20s...

You can judge all you want... but I can name 10 moms off the top of my head that says 'oh my gosh-i did the same damn thing!'  ((And I bet there is more than one of you reading that goes 'I had a hard day-I need a glass of wine!  I need a cocktail-it's 5:00 somewhere!))

I tried lots of drugs-lots of therapists...and all I got was 'well no wonder you're drinking at night-you've been through so much change in your life!'.

No sh*t sherlock.

Not ONE said to me 'um. do you think you might be developing a little drinking problem?!?!'

Not ONE.

Being the strong and definite woman that I am-I realized it on my own and nipped that little issue that COULD have been catastrophic in the bud.

'Nuff said about that.

So.. I tend to lean on some interesting blogs in the blogosphere that really digs deep into the drinking community and pretty much strips away the 'fun side' of drinking - to the real, ugly, deadly, honest side of that unbelievable habit that so many people in our WORLD have developed.  And to think this TOXIC juice is legal?!?!?

Ah - Hum.

Back to the story at hand.

So one of the blogs I read is The Drinking Diaries.

The best thing about this blog-it's not about AA.  It's not about being an 'alcoholic' or do the writers do ANY judging on how bad alcohol is .. yada yada.  I mean-if you are a mom- you KNOW you heard the story about the mom in New York who was drunk and high and went the wrong way on the highway and EVERYONE who was interviewed said they 'had no idea she had a drinking problem.'

Now for me.. I can HONESTLY say, I NEVER got behind the wheel with my child while drinking.  Nor will I ever put any children in that selfish situation.

But... I can say.. I know a lot of moms who have.  This thing called 'mom' has given women a title that some aren't really ready to take on.

What amazes me... men who get together with their kids are 'socially acceptable' to have beers - but when women go on family picnics they get the EVIL eye for having a cocktail.

I don't see anything wrong with drinking.  Responsibly.

But what I do know... this time in my life.. it's just not 'right for me.'

Honesty on the table - Addiction is addiction.  It doesn't mean squat what it is your addicted to.  Food. Shopping. Alcohol. Tobacco.  Meth.  Cocaine.

So..anyway.  With that ALL being said.  (Geez-once again.  This is like therapy.)

The Drinking Diaries blog had this post about a new ad campaign targeting pregnant women in Italy.

It put chills down my spine...and a quiver in my heart.

Wow.  In Italy.  The country where wine is like water.  The place where celebration and libation go hand in hand. 

"The ad campaign, launched in the northeast Veneto region of Italy, is designed to get pregnant women to stop drinking. The message: “When mom drinks, baby drinks, too” (“Mama beve, bimbo beve”). The campaign comes in response to findings by the Italian Institute of Health that 65 per cent of women in Italy consume alcohol during their pregnancy."

 Yes.  That is suppose to be a FETUS at the bottom of that glass.

Whoa.  Pretty graphic I think.  And quite alarming. 

What's even more alarming are these stats.

Over 750,000 moms in the US drink while pregnant.

What are your thoughts on this?  The ad campaign?  The statistics? all means comment anonymously.  Whether you agree or disagree with me is completely ok! 

We are all entitled to our own opinions....and I'd love to hear yours.