There have been numerous times since becoming a mom that I fear and worry about the safety of my son.  It was really brought to my attention when I attended an event put on by the Katie Elise Lambert Foundation

You see.. the parents that started this foundation lost their daughter a few years ago after she pulled furniture on top of herself.  Such a wonderful family-with such a heartbreaking story.  And now they carry her memory on by sharing and teaching parents how important safety is for their children.

I recently had the opportunity to meet Rachelle at a mom blogger event I hosted.  She is the owner of Kidproteq. Kidproteq is really an awesome resource for parents!  I'm the first to admit the dangers of not having safety gates on your stairs.  Or safety guards on your cleaning supply cabinets.  Yes, I for one also know that 'child proofing' your house can be very costly.  But isn't your child worth any cost for their safety?


It's not something you want to skimp on.  God forbid something would ever happen to your child because you didn't want to spend the $15 for an Anti-Tip Anchoring System.  Or $40 for a child ID Alert system that can collect all the important data authorities need to find your lost child. 

I'm not trying to be a "Debbie Downer" but I am trying to get you to open your eyes, heart & mind a bit.

If you are in the Philadelphia area, Kidproteq is the BEST resource to come into your home and childproof.  It's a family owned business and Rachelle's husband Jeff left his jewelry business that he was in for over 35 years to become a 'professional baby proofer.'  Speaking of professional... Kidproteq is VERY accredited!  They are members of The International Assoc. for Child Safety, Baby Products Expert Certified & rocked the award 'Best of Mainline Today' in 2009!  They do unbelievable work with their baby proofing.  From in home consultations to professional installation.

As you know, I love to travel.  Boston and I travel together quite often. Mainly to see our families in the midwest.  I always struggle hunting for his birth certificate or ID cards in my bags.  They always get lost and I always end up scrambling with annoyed travelers behind me.  Never fails.  For less than $20 you can take care of that hassle and put all your information in one place with the Child Safety Pack

For one year, the Child Safety Pack has complete protection for your child.

The Child Safety Pack includes:  Complete Protection For One Child For One Year

1 - Child ID Card
1 - Child Car Seat ID Card
1 - Medical Release Card
1 - Child Luggage Tag ID Card
2 - Shoe ID Stickers
1 - Disposable Child ID bracelet
1 - Child DNA Fingerprint Kit
Optional Waterproof pen is available
CPSC CPSIA Compliant

Now really?  You mean to tell me that ALL THAT isn't worth $20 for your child?

Another awesome item they have that is on my 'must get' list is their child locator device.  I mean really?  How many times have you been out shopping or running errands to turn around and find your kid GONE?!?!  He's either hiding in the clothes racks or so short you can't see him around the corner.  This great device called "Mommy I'm Here" attaches to your kids belt, wristband or clothing and when you press the receiver-it beeps! 

I was just checking out their site-and they even hae a list of Top Sellers.  I never would have thought of a driveway safety net, would you? 

Ok-here's an even better reason you need to go to Kidproteq and finally take care of those parenting safety needs. 

Head over the their website-pick all your goodies out (there are some fun gadgets too) and when you check out - put in the coupon code:  JOEY625 ... You'll get $10 off purchases over $40.  And if you live in the Wayne, Pa area and just want to head to their store-you are more than welcome to get the discount there too.  Just tell them when you check out (JOEY625  or just mention my blog).

Your child's life is worth it.  Don't you think so?

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Disclosure:  This is a sponsored post.  But even if it wasn't - I'd still tell you how amazing their products are.  I'd also tell you how important it is to have your children safe and secure.  Childhood accidents are preventable.  So start preventing them today!