Wow.  There are really some alarming statistics with teens now adays. So much so-that I don't want my own kid to grow up past 6!!!  I've found myself over the years getting wrapped up in Celebrity Rehab. Sadly, most of those on the show relapse.

I totally don't want to sound like a 'Debbie Downer' but I can't help but worry about my own kid.

Dr. Drew Pinsky, as you've seen all over the television has created a product that I myself am floored that there wasn't already one out there!  He's the perfert person to endorse it too.

Because of the rising statistics of teens and prescription drug abuse, Dr. Drew recently debuted the Rx Locker.  It's a device that is designed to secure prescription medications within the home to restrict unauthorized access and prevent abuse.

Doesn't that scare you? 

I know it does me. 

I hope and pray that my son is smarter than that.  I mean, i can see how it can be addicting.  After I had my son, I took percacets.  (I had a C-Section).  I found myself embarassingly enjoying them as the totally got rid of the pain!  I know people who have had serious back problems and ended in rehab because of their pain pill addiction.

And the thought of a TEENAGER having that kind of addiction?  Scary.

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Also, be sure to learn more about Dr. Drew and his quest to rid the country of addictions!

Disclaimer:  This was a sponsored post promoting Dr. Drew's RxLocker, but my opinions are my own.