This morning I was browing  I use to get a lot of my show prep from that site when I was on the radio.  There are good lists and other random things they dig up.

This one got me thinking this morning

I was browsing through the names and read about stars like Martika, Kelly LeBrock, Josh Savino (Wonder Years)...

Then I hit the granddaddy of them all.

Michael Schoeffling.

You know.  Jake Ryan.  Yummy Yummy.

Now.. mind you.  I was 7 when that movie came out..but that doesn't mean I couldn't have a crush!!

The bummer part.  They have a question mark where the 'now' picture is suppose to be.

They do say that he is no longer acting...and he makes  aliving building hand crafted furniture in Newfoundland, Pa with his wife and kids.

Even after googling him-I still couldn't find a 'now' pic!  I bet he changed his name.  He went to Temple, was  a wrestler and modeled for GQ.

I guess I'll just have to hop in the car and head to Newfoundland.  I mean, how many businesses there make hand crafted furniture? I feel like a total stalker.