It was such a crazy weekend.  Seriously. Crazy. But in a good way.

First off.  I want to say.  Happy Father's Day. 

I know.. I'm a bit late.  I know.  Because I was trying to be the best wife.. ever. 

I love my husband.  But this day isn't about me.  It's about him.

He's such an amazing father.  Boston just loves him.  Like no other.

It's so sweet.  And humorous at the same time.  My kid is COMPLETELY 100% a product of him. 

He is BRILLIANT when it comes to sports.  Without any of us ever telling him-he knows exactly what baseball, tennis, golf and EVEN "Go FLyers!" is.  Yep.  He's been brainwashed trained to say Go Flyers!  It was pretty hysterical the other day.  Matt was watching a replay of the Flyers and some other team (yeah-you know how much I pay attention...hahaha) and all of a sudden Boston stops playing with his cars and says "Go FLyers!"  Matt about died.  He was beside himself knowing that his kid knew what hockey was..and how to say Go Flyers!  I assured him that he likely learned about the Flyers at school... I mean, we DO live in Philly and he DOES go to school... I'm sure his teachers rooted for the Flyers.. It wasn't that he was disappointed that Boston mentioned the Flyers-but he was freaked that his kid knew exactly what to say!! haha. 

It was cute.  I mean... I've heard Boston talk with such a great knowledge for some time.  But I see him way more than Matt - since duh.. Matt has to work and I'm home! ha.  Anyway.. that was a cute moment.

Another awesome Dad / Son moment... when Boston wakes up everyday Saturday and says 'Strawberry Milk and Dougnuts daddy?"  I know.  Those are HORRIBLE for him.  But you know what.. it's something that Matt and Boston do together that is a special moment.  The rest of the week, he eats really good.. so there. =)

Ok.  Another ode.. to my own daddy.

My mom was so awesome to give me his name.  Well.. it was mainly cause when I was born they didn't know what the sex of babies were... so I have an older sister...and well, since you know my name is Joey-put two and two together.  ha.  My dad's name is Joe.  As a kid, being called 'Doey Joey Fatman' wasn't a good thing.. but as an adult-I'm proud to be Joey Fortman... even IF I may be a bit doey.  =)

Happy Father's Day to the 2 most important Father's in my life... love you dad & Matty.