I Um.  It's weird.  I've been wanting to do this 'makeover' thing. And found myself face first into PhotoShop.

And can I TELL you-I don't know anything hardly about it!!

Although.. I sure had fun creating every little aspect of the header.  =)

Oh so fun. 

I wanted to encorporate (it's late. I'm lazy to hit spellcheck.  Blah.) some media things. 

AND... I know.  It might look 'kiddish'.  But I am a huge lover of fun, bright things. 

I mean.  It makes me feel like a kid.  Ya know? =)  Ok...

Oh well.. it's fun.  It may even change again.  But it's nice to freshen up a bit.

All the toys are toys my little dude loves.

I found random pics and just plugged them in.  And my handy dandy scrapbooking downloads gave me the fun font.

I feel like a new woman.

Maybe Mama will go buy some new shoes tomorrow. 

Nighty Night.