I am oh so very excited to share some awesome info that I have recently become privy too.

Since I of course can't go to CanCun and act like a rediculous college kid and drink till I'm blue in the face and slide down the side into that disgusting water at Senior Frogs.. hahaha. (NO, I NEVER did that anyway.)

I have some secrets on an awesome new collection of FAMILY FRIENDLY, Mexican Vacation Resorts!!

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They are called The Villa Group. Now, I've only been to Mexico a few times.  And I can swear to you I'm going back SOONER than later!  One of my utmost FAVE things to do is travel..and since becoming a mom, it just ain't happening!  I see our families in Chicago and St. Louis but not much sun and sand. 

These resorts look awesome. 

From Cabo to Cancun to Nuevo Vallarta/Riviera Nayarit, Peurto Vallarta & Sierra Madre!!!

((Wow.  Just saying those names gave me a sunburn.))

So many awesome things to do with your FAMILY!  Safe, Sun and lots of fun.

(((OH MY GOSH.  Click the pic on the left.  It's a PIRATE SHIP!!  AWESOME!!))))

Can you imagine this view when you wake up? 

Ok-so here's the exclusive scoop.  By going to THIS SITE you get ULTRA special rates. 

If you go and browse and forget all about it.. just come back to my site-it's on the sidebar. 

(NO-I'm not  a travel agent-but I play one on TV.)

What's your favorite thing to do on vacation?  ME?  Lay in a hammock, drinking a pina & chillin.

Check it out Mamas & Papas - Click it baby ---> Say Ahhhhhhhh!