So, my friend Elizabeth has informed me that I need a makeover.

Pretty funny, really.  I was talking to her yesterday and she was like "Your blog needs a makover.  A redesign.  I thought.. "Ok.  I can see that.  Since I'm a boob at PhotoShop and randomly and most definitely have no idea what I'm doing.  And...not to platform is Squarespace.  You can't find templates anywhere on the web for it."

She said:  "Well.  You're too 'FruFru'!" (I think that's the word she used.)

She said that my site was soft and sweet and I was more like a Chili Pepper.  AND...the cartoon girl doesn't even look like me.  Except...for maybe the sunglasses. 

I began to tell her - it looked like the "Old ME."

Ya know.  In the days when I was in radio.  The "OLD ME" in Chicago.  Prior to moving, marriage, baby and blues. 

Wow.  Then it hit me. 

Yet another reason I HAVE to 'get over it'.


I'm NOT that person anymore. 

So I suppose it's time for a makeover.

Any suggestions? 

I'm learning some goodies on PhotoShop...but still no pro. 


I guess it's time to toss that old Black and White headshot too.  I mean REALLY Joey...that was SOO 2005!!  I just realized it.  That was from 2005.  This is 2010.  5 years old... I was... 28.


Alright.  Now I DESPERATELY realize I need a makover.

Besides a chili pepper...or maybe Elizabeth was right now.  Maybe I am a chili pepper. 

What else would you find fitting my personality? 

After all... who would know me better than YOU.  =)