I can't help but think-whoa. Where did the weekend go?

Today's already Tuesday and man alive am I behind!!!!

My kid is still snoring-so it was surely nice to wake up and enjoy the sunshine a bit.

Today is 'our day'.  You see, on Tues/Thurs; Boston is home with me.

I always try to do something 'different' with him.  It usually ends up in pure insanity-but oh well.  =)

Today might be a Little Treehouse day.  LOVE that place.

It's in Chestnut Hill and such a FAB place to take your kids.  Boston is the perfect age too.  I'd say if you have kids... over 5 - it might not be the place for them. They do have some tumbling classes that are pretty awesome there. But then again-I just have a 2 year old.  I hear early mornings can be a madhouse-but I usually don't go till after nap or around 11ish.  They have wifi, which usually makes me feel bad cause I'm not playing with my kid! ha.  And recently opened up a kitchen with tasty pizza.  They are really thin, like on a tortilla.  I've had their chicken soup too.  Boston?  What else.  Mac-N-Cheese!  I'm not the best at getting my kid to eat 'healthy' but they have organic goodies so at least I feel better when I get him a bag of cookies.  They have music outside sometimes in a little sitting area.  But I love the inside.  Oh So Colorful.

it's great because it's literally right down the road from my house.  We visit there - then hit Forbidden Drive along the way home when he's all tired out.  It's in this massive park in Philly called Fairmount Park. 

Probably another fave of mine.  It's sooo peaceful.  Halfway through our walk there is a covered bridge.  I love the nature of it all.  One of these days-I'm gonna make my hubby take me to Valley Green; this quaint and just gorgeous little restaurant at the end.  (Or at least as far as I've Run. Wobbled to.)

Maybe I'll take my sweet little man on a date their today.  Maybe I'll get a kiss at the end.  HeeHee.

Here's to another great day of embracing the beauty and life of Philadelphia.

And making the most of this beautiful life in Philadelphia that God has given me.