It's Friday morning; the 3 year anniversary for my husband at 950 Espn.  Big Kudos to him.  He's worked so hard to give that station life...and it's full of life!

As I lay here-with the world's worst kink in my neck.. I can't help but think about the shear terror I went through 2 nights ago.

All day long I was looking forward to an event I was a part of.  Traffic was a mess getting there because of the Flyers game....but when I did finally arrive I had a total blast!

I stuck around after the fashion show I was in and watched the live auction.

I left a little after 9pm.

That's when the disaster struck.

And OH MY GOSH did it. 

Literally, within minutes of leaving, I had a massive blowout.

Here I was in heels...and it was raining. 

I got out and after I saw my tire.... I thought "Oh crap.  Ok, Joey.  You can do this.  Just relax, don't freak out, don't start crying.  You CAN do this."

So I started pulling everything out of the back of my car, heading for the spare.  I didn't even KNOW if I had a spare.  Luckily I had a fullsize one.

As I almost had everything pulled out-an officer came to rescue me!!!!!

I thanked the Lord above...

Poor guy.  We couldn't get the lugnuts (is that what their called?) off.  Needless to say-an hour later and their are like 7 of Philly's Finest all standing around my car!!!!!!!

I felt so bad.  But I also felt so good at the same time.

I wasn't in  a good part of town, that's for sure... so to have them all right there-I knew I was safe.  But I felt bad cause here they are helping this dingy blonde when something serious could have used their attention better!!

Thankfully, they got the tire off and the new one on.  I hugged them all and told them my hubby owes them some sort of event tickets.  ha.  I ended up calling Matt and he was worried about me.  Good hubby.

That's where the good ended.

Now let me preface this... 99% of the time I am a SUPERHERO with my directional skills.

I mean, my iphone has a GPS on it.... if all else fails.

And boy did it ever fail.  My phone died and I didn't have a charger!!!!!!!

SO here I am... it's 11p - no phone - blown out tire - lost in THE WORST part of Philly!!!!!

I thought about stopping and asking for directions.... but I felt SO out of place. 

My husband... at this time was about to call the police on me!!!!

I finally made it home at midnight... and he was about to kill me.  I don't blame him.  I'd have been worried out of my mind too!

Lesson learned?  Buy a Charger.  Never leave the house again.