I am a mom of just one.  I often wonder-when we have two-how do I get it all together and look like I'm together?!?!?!

I found this really awesome product-AND it was created locally by a mom in the Philly area!!


It's called the Tag A Long.  I am my  father's daughter.... and when I saw that it was 'made in America' it was an instant- 'gotta have that'!

I got it in the mail-and thought... hmmm.. do I 'pretend' that my stroller has another kid in it?!?!?  Nah.. but I asked my girlfriend if she'd be interested in trying it out... She has a kid Boston's age and another cute babe who is 6 months old.  I'll keep you posted on what she thought about it.

You can pick up the product HERE.... And it's CHEAP!

$10 and your sanity is in a better place! hahaha