The other day when I was heading into the city for my little spa facial, I posted a pic of my drive in.  You see-we are technically 2 minutes from the Philadelphia border-but about 20 minutes from downtown.

I posted this pic on facebook of something cool I saw along the way. 

My caption was "Our zoo has a cool balloon - what does yours have?"

And one of my friends on facebook...well..stuck it to me.

She said "Way to find some of the great and positive things in Philly!!!"


She totally called me out.  And it definitely has made me really think about what kind of vibe I may be sending about Philadelphia.

Now granted...our nearly 3 years of living here has been a challenge for me.  A challenge because of all the changes that not only my body (ie. baby) but also my career.

Yes, it has been hard adjusting with family halfway across the country and trying to make friends, playdates and understanding my 'purpose' in life.

But by all means... I love Philly.  It's an awesome city.  With unbelievable amounts of history in every corner.

So... I decided to PROVE it to you, Philly.

All summer long, I'm going to share with you awesome finds that I come across in Philly.  From events to secret locations that only the locals know. 

Got any suggestions?!?!?  Send me an email or comment below!  PLUS - do me and yourself a favor-check out these AWESOME sites to find out more good stuff to do in Philly.  They are my mom-blogger friends rockin' the Philly love!