I've been thinking about this for some time.  Really.

Many things in my life have changed over the past 3 years.  Both good and bad.  And just recently I made the decision that I need more positive things in my life.  I have a neighbor whom I adore.  Every Single Time I see her... she says nothing but positive things.  Her heart is a golden as they come. 

I even one day, a couple of weeks ago, told her "I love how you are such a glass half full girl.  I use to be one of those, but all the negativity in my life has drained the glass to make me an empty glass kind of girl." 

She pretty much told me to get my shit together and dump the negative energys.  That I can be that glass half full kind of girl again.


Easier said than done....

So I had to make some changes...things that brought on negativity to me.

God knows I'm far from perfect... but my life definitely needed some tweaking.

I've made the decision to focus on my family more, for one.  And for two... go back to what I love to do.

Being creative.

I love to create videos of my family.  I love to create memories, scrapbooking.  I love to do radio and TV.

And I use to love blogging.

You see.. I started this blog a year and a half ago.  I started it because I needed an outlet to share my life.  My struggles.  My creativity.

And since my demise at Now 97.5...I've lost it.  In a BIG way.

I'll give you a couple of examples.... I've had a few instances where I was told my 'blogging could hurt the brand.'  What?? The BRAND???  But this is MY blog.  And this is what I've shared on the radio the past 15 years.  It never hurt THEIR brand.. or even MYSELF as a brand.  But... I did as I was told, and held back on who I really am.. and the REASON I started this blog.  For my CREATIVITY.

Another instance.... I thought it would be fun to blog for other venues outside of my own.. I did that in quite a few places... thinking that it would be fun.  NOT good for 'the brand'.  And on 2 occasions, my blog posts were REMOVED... and I was pretty much told that my posts weren't within the guidelines.  Either, it was too about me, or too producty... (I posted about my experience and a video of Philly Mom Bloggers on Better Philly.) 

Geez.  Total Buzz Kill.

I don't get paid to post to any of the places I blogged for. Nor did I expect to... BECAUSE, I was doing it for fun.

Not so fun afterall.

It actually made me stop and think about it.

I know I'm not a writer.  I blog with a stream of consciousness.  I put my words down as I think and speak. 

Does that make me ignorant?  Geez, if so it must have been some serious luck to get a college education, host my own radio show all across the country, including market #3 and market #7 here in Philly... PLUS be a host on a Philly TV Show.  Big luck, I guess.  BS.  That's what I got to say about that. 

Those things made me think of NEGATIVITY in my life.  I got into this because I thought it would be fun... but as I really think about it.. People want me to 'be a certain way' and 'write a certain way' because it's COMMERCIALIZED to them.  They are making money on blogging...and they have a 'brand' to uphold.

Not really for me.  Yes.. I make money... but not from blogging.  Yeah, I get cool stuff...and fun things to giveaway... but whoop D Doo.  I've gotten that for 15 years in the radio biz.

It's time for me to lose the negative energy once again...crawl back into my positive world.. and just be ME.

Because quite frankly, that's what I'm good at.  That's where my success comes from.

So, if you blog.. what does blogging mean to you?