Here I am.. it's Mother's Day Eve.  I got my hubby to put Boston down tonite..well.. 'sort of'.  He and "B" watched YouTube videos till almost 8:45!!  I wasn't real thrilled about that...but then realized... in the big scheme of things.. does it really matter?

Naw.  It doesn't.

Tomorrow..I may not get the chance to share my Mother's Day love because I've got to head to a TV Shoot for Better Philly.  Kinda funny.  It's for the Philadelphia Passion; Lingerie Football League Tryouts!!  Seriously.  Nothing like being a big momma; going to see a bunch of SKINNY chicks playing half naked football! haha.  Actually, I did it last year-and had fun with it...

Anyway.. I may not get to share my sweet baby.  And how lucky I am to be a mom.  Be his Mom.  He's so sweet.  I love every second of it.  Well.. except when he gets mad and tosses his food on the floor.  Yeah.  NOT a big fan of that. 

But when he holds my face..and says 'wuv wu mommy'.  Or when he comes running when I get home or pick him up from school and says "MOMMY!!!"  Nothing is better than seeing his little face light up when he sees me.  It's as if he hasn't seen me in years and has been waiting forever.

I love his giggle.  I love ohhh so much... more than anything, I think.. at night when I'm getting ready to put him down.  I say "Go tell daddy night night" and he does.. then I'd say "go tell puppy night night" and he runs over to Rocky... and gives him a hug and says Night Puppy.  Boston loves his puppy.  (Even though he's really not a puppy..he's almost 3.

I thank God everyday...for him.  For his health. For his beauty. For his awesome personality. For his excitement for the little things. For his intelligence. For giving me the honor to be his Mommy.

I just hope I live up to it... from now till the day I die.  I hope that he always looks back, thinks about his Mom and has beautiful thoughts of me.  I hope he forever loves me unconditionally..just as he does now.

Love you Boston.