Wow!  What a weekend indeed!

We decided since we are heading out of town for 4th of July (celebrating my parents 40th anniversary in Myrtle Beach) we would stay put this weekend.

It really has been quite awesome.

So-Saturday-I made an appt for a facial at Rescue Rittenhouse Spa, downtown.  Sadly, my girlfriend got me a giftcard for there.. oh.. um.. RIGHT before Boston was born. 2 years ago!!!  Yeah.  So NOW I decided I HAD to get downtown to enjoy it.

My appt was for 2 so I made sure to get there early. (So I could SHOP of course! ha)  My favorite store of all time is right there on the square.  Anthropologie.  Oh. How. I. Love. Thee.

When I lived in Chicago I use to get facials alll the time.  Like everyother week!  LOVED them.  And of course...since moving here, becoming a mom..yada yada.. I haven't had ONE. 

Can't say that anymore!

I got a facial with Linda.  She was FABULOUS.  I can not tell a lie.  It wasn't cheap...about $150 (I had a $100 gift card).  But it was worth it.  I felt amazing afterwards.  Sadly, I should have gone to her a long time ago.  Doing TV kills your face and skin.  All that makeup is brutal.  I only freelance-so I can't even imagine what my face would be like if I had to cake it on like that all day, everyday!

She got me hooked on this product called spf 50.  It's a exfoliator and she says it's HUGE with all the stars.

Go get a facial with Linda!  You deserve it!

It's in a really great location.  I asked her if she ever had celebrities in and she said all the time.  She said Jamie Foxx brings his family up from DC JUST to enjoy her spa!!  Cool.  She said she also does Mayor Nutter's wife.  And if you've seen her up close-you KNOW she has glorious skin.