Summer is Here!

This I know.

I love summer.  Quite frankly.. I think winter totally sucks.  It's not as bad here as it was living in Chicago.  Although-this past winter-I might have to disagree...

This weekend-we had no plans. None what so ever.  The past few weeks have been pretty crazy in our house-so our goal was to just 'hang out' and plan things as they come along.

One of my FAVE meals is fresh tomato mozzarella salad.

I would eat it in the winter-but it really just isn't the same.

Till you slice up that massive tomato.  Slice the moz.  Toss in some fresh basil leaves...and drizzle the shizzle.

Yeah.  I have this AWESOME stuff that I got and am FULLY addicted to too! 

And if you know me.. you KNOW I'm not much of a cook at all.  Mainly cause i hate cleaning up. 

But I drizzle the shizzle on everything.  Like this fab recipe.

Pick it up at your grocery store and try it out!  It tastes great on everything.

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!


joey fortman

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