Oh. My. Gosh.

I had written this gorgeous post.... that had some beautiful words about my husband... my son... and my life..

It was about 3 pages long.

Then I hit cancel.  Instead of Save & Close.  Damnit.

Story. Of. My. Life.

Wow. Seriously.

Ok... because it's so important that I share this... and something wearing on my heart for sometime....

I'm going to recreate my blog post.

And maybe add more beauty to it than the original.

 I really don't think that the man that I married really knew how nuts I could be.

Nope.  He had NO idea.

You see...my husband has been my best friend for some time.  He has held my hand as I cry my heart out.

He even told the nurses when Boston was being born that his 'wife came first'.

God knows, he's my best friend.

He's my heart.

My soul.

He's my everything.

You see.... I'm back in this ugly place again.

Back where I swore I would never return again.

And I'm here today.

How did that happen?


Ugh.  This. Stinks.

I would pay a million dollors to never have to feel this pain again.

Although... I'd have to rob a bank....cause I obviously don't have a million dollars.

My. Heart. Hurts.

Sooo much... I just don't want to live this way anymore.

I want to be happy.

I want to laugh with my sweet kid.

I just don't understand..... why am I this sad?  Where did this awful sadness come from? 

I'm so blessed... there's no reason for this...

It really makes no sense.  And no one in my world deserves to deal with it.

Wowzas. I'm PMSing... pooh.  This made me smile big this morning.  U too?

Wow.  I stop and look at that gorgeous kid..and it's a constant reminder of what God gave me.

God doesn't throw things at you that he thinks you can't handle.

That's a fact my friend.

So God, if you're reading this... you got the wrong person.  I'm lucky.  Life is really good in my world.  Stop sending me poo to deal with, ok?  xoxox


Off to clean the toilets...

Thanks for reading...