Dear sweet Boston,

I don't have much time this morning-or at all today to write you and tell you how much I love you. 

Today is completely dedicated to you.  My sweet little boy who is 2!

I can't believe it.  When you were born... when I was dying for sleep, hoping you'd eat...stop everyone told me not to rush it.  To enjoy the moment.  Cause it goes so fast.

I honestly didn't believe them.

But as I sit here... 2 years later... I believe them.

You are the sweetest little man.

The things I've experienced over the past 2 years amazes me.  The way you touch my cheek..the way you gaze into my eyes...the way you run to me when you see me...

God must have known when he was making you...that I was scared to death about being a mom.  I had no idea what to do.... no idea how to do it. 

So...since all I did was eat cotton candy, ice cream, candy and all things sweet...God decided that was the best way to make you.  Sweet as anything could be.

You make me smile everyday.

On days that I just want to bury my head and find a way to mingle into my heart.  You grab my plop in my say those precious words I so longed to hear...

"Love you Mommy"

Well... it's more like 'Wuv Wu Mommy"... but I get the picture.

The passion you show on life is infectious to me. 

I can't help but learn from you sweet Boston.

All you want to do is play about sports. 'baseball mommy, basketball mommy'.

And you love to be outside.  When your daddy and I take you outside to hit the ball (which you exclaim 'Man, Nice Hit!") you always throw a tantrum to come back in.  That's sometimes good and sometimes bad...but it shows that you love the outdoors.  You love to be around people.  The kids in the neighborhood just love you.  They all come swarming when you are around.  It's sweet to see.

You are so smart too. Why just this past week you started counting in Spanish!  I took German, so I know you didn't learn that from me! ha.  I do know that you have fallen in love with Dora recently...and she seems to be making quite the lasting impression on you.  =)

You make me smile.  As I sit here and type.

Your love for books are amazing.  I mean really... I don't think your daddy and I ever made it through a book yet you can sit and read books allll day long.

Why, at night...when mommy puts you in your pj's...and gets you ready for bed.. you beg to have books read to you.  So I say 'just one-then night night'...and you find a way to dwindle in two before I really make you go night night.

Speaking of night night.  That is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen.  No flowers, skyline, garden even compares to the way you go to bed and sleep...

Mommy puts you in bed.. gives you your binky (which uhum.  Is about to go BYE BYE now that you are two..but we won't go there right now).  Anyway, after the bink..mommy sets up all your 'little friends' in bed with you.  Elmo, Ernie, Bert...then I hand you your monkey-the one Grandma Fortman gave you the day you were born at the hospital.  You hold him tight...then mommy sets up your little friend (Precious Moment) that your Grandma Johnson gave you shortly after you were born...

Mommy pushes his belly and he says "Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep, I Pray the Lord My Soul To Keep, For if I Die Before I Wake, I Pray the Lord My Soul he Takes".

Then you and your little friend both say at the same exact time "Amen."

That my dear Boston is glorious.  Then mommy covers you up with your very very special blanket that you've been every so blessed with.  This blanket was made by your wonderful, Godly and beautiful GiGi.  She's your daddy's grandma.  She made this beautiful, soft, blue blanket and you can't sleep without it.

It's the most beautiful thing in the world Boston.  You sleeping.

Ok...gotta get moving for your special day...but I promise to share your special story very soon...

Mommy loves you..with all her heart.


Boston's Mommy