I'm so excited to do something with Ben fm! 

And if you've been to my house.. Um.. you know this place is a PERFECT place for me.  Our fridge and dishwasher is practically dead.  Seriously.

At a radio remote in Chicago I bought a new car.. who knows what I'll be bringing home this time! ha.

I have to be honest.. I've never even heard of HHGregg before.  I recently was out visiting a friend in Downingtown and saw one there next to Wegmans...but didn't know what it was.

SOOOoo it wil be fun to explore this place out!

Hope you can make it!  It's their grand opening at Oxford Square Mall in Langhorne. 

I'll be there from 5p-7p with 95.7 Ben FM.


Disclaimer:  Even though this isn't affiliated with my blog, I am being compensated for this.  Radio/TV is my main source of income.