Ya know.  Prior to being a 'mom' I was NEVER EVER sick.  Seriously.  NEVER sick.

Now... it's like everyotherday!!


Got back from STL on Tuesday-and yesterday I was in toilet hell. 

My poor father-in-law whom only visits once a year is here...and every hour I was texting my husband to have him bring me another Gatorade.  I hope I never see another bottle of Gatorade again!!

My house is a disaster... and I'm the WORST hostess in the world.

I woke up yesterday-felt weird-hopped into shower because it was Baseball 101 day with the Phillies and Better Philly.

The s*it hit the fan after that.


I know.  TMI.  But man alive. 

WHat the heck was that?

Today.. I got up at 3am.  Yeah.  That stunk.  But I slept soo much yesterday-I knew it was bound to happen.

I call the doc-they same come on in... I get there, only to find out my doc had an emergency...so they couldn't see me...but I can come back.

Ya know... I can't help but think about terminally ill people....

I really am blessed to know that my lowsy whatever it was will pass.  (Geez, I hope so.)

But then I think about those with cancers... or an illness... they don't really know if and when their sickness will pass. 

Ok.  Back to my Dora life.

I'm suppose to go to the Phillies game today as they take on the Cubs... but  sitting in the sun makes me sick to my stomach again thinking about it.

But I really want to see my baby... and his love for baseball.

Let me tell you though... if there is one rowdy jerk fan near us... Grrr.   The wrath of Joey will prevail.  =)