So yesterday got away from me...and so has today almost!  I wanted to share the cute gift that Boston made at school for me.  He's only 2 and goes to 'daycare' 3 days a week.  I just can't call it that though... he's SOOO smart from this SCHOOL!  Seriously.  I know they teach him so much... thankfully Matt loves him in school too.  I really don't think I could teach him what they do.  It's amazing how much he changes everyday.

Anyway, he made this.  Its a sweet paper with a flower made out of his handprint... and a heart. 

Also, a little flower pot he painted-with a flower and his cute face inside it.


Now, you gotta see this sweet poem.  I know he thought of it.  I know he did! hahaha.   Ok... well... maybe not.  But it sure is sweet.


So sweet. 

My husband was so sweet too!  I can't forget about giving him kudos. 

He's such a sweetheart.  He took a picture of Boston that says:

"Happy Mother's Day Mama"

Then he took "B" to Michael's and got a frame..and a sweet balloon. 

He also got me this GORGEOUS necklace... the chain was too short for my FAT neck.. so we're sending that back and getting a longer one... but the pendent is gorgeous.

I'm so blessed. 

Life is good.