I need to have a little pep talk with myself today.

I've been in such a sad funk lately... and i HATE it.  Its so silly and rediculous.  There is no reason why I should be down.

I know a big part is the 'I miss those days'.

For instance.. yesterday hubby, bubby and I were trolling through old pics...and came across this one.

I was on SERIOUSLY HOTT One.  And sadly enough... in 2005 when this was taken, I thought I was FAT!!!

Dumb broad.  That's for sure.

I look at that pic-and I think... hmm.. who is that girl?  I was a GIRL.  (Like 27 but still..)

Now I'm going to turn 33 this year.

Oh s*it.

This was suppose to be a Motivation Moment for me but I'm digging a hole here!

I guess hubby is right.  I err on negativity.  My glass shows half empty.

Today... that damn glass is loaded with some awesome sweet tea and filled to the brim!


Im off to take my kiddo to school... then sweat the fatty candy off my lardbutt and be a




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