Ok-so I have been dreaming meaning to write about this alllll week.  but courtesy of my 'dead' computer-I'm JUST now getting to it.

First off... if you go HERE you see and KNOW how much I LOVED staying at The Golden Inn.

I have to say I was pleasantly surprised.

I stayed at it's neighbor hotel when I first moved to Philly.. and IT was a DUMP.

But this place was FABULOUS!!  Seriously. The. Best.

Not to mention... Kevin the manager made it 10times BETTER.

What an AWESOME person!! He was so genuine-and so eager to take care of every 'girlfriend' there.

I took off from my family... to have a 'me' weekend.  It was so random and so last minute..and soooooooooooooooooo necessary.

And I loved - EVERY. SECOND. OF. IT.

The Golden Inn in Avalon is an awesome place.. a happy place....

These are the great Mom Bloggers I spent the weekend with:

We were there for the Girlfriends Getaway weekend and I will SOO be back.