Ya know.  I'm one to always speak my mind.  And my heart. And sometimes my heart makes my mind hurt.

But this is a softy post. For a couple reasons.

I heard about this contest.. and thought, even if I don't win.  I still wanna share my thoughts about vacation.

When I was a kid... we never went on vacation.  Mainly cause vacations were/are so expensive - but also cause when my parents did take me and my two sisters on vacation - it was a vacation from HELL!!

Seriously.  My older sister was in high school..had that rebel attitude.  I was a dorky middle school kid.  And my younger sister was a redhead from hell a bit hard to deal with in public.

We went to Branson, Mo.  (Yes-I grew up in the country, got a problem with that?) 

And as tainted is my memory of that trip was, I would NEVER take my sisters and I on a vacation again either!!!

But, when I really stop and think about it... I remember some really awesome things abou that trip. 

My parents did a lot of camping.  That was our 'vacation' if you will.  I have some great memories of that.

And here I am, years later... and I'm a vacation snob.  How did that happen???

I know.  While I was being courted by my hubby... he zapped me all over the country on awesome trips.  From Vegas to Boston to LA to sunny places!!  He spoiled me. 

Now... 3 years into our marriage.  I really think about the importance of vacationing with your family.

This year... we opted out a return home for the holidays.  Our family wasn't happy with us - but we knew that we had to get away as a family.  And took our first vacation as a family to Florida.

It renewed our spirit.  Renewed our relationship.  We played in the sand.  In the sun.  Well.. it rained most of the time.  But was an awesome experience for us.

Every family deserves a vacation.  Whether you don't have money or you don't have the time.. there has to be a way to make it work.  Take an overnight trip somewhere... Go camping... Head to Europe!!

Just take a family vacation. 

You'll thank me afterwards. 

(Unless you are my parents after our Branson Trip!)


Disclosure:  I am writing this post to participate in the Golden Inn Resort “What is the importance of a Vacation” sweepstakes for a chance to randomly win a full conference ticket to Blogher 2010. You can learn more about the Jersey Shore Resort and contest at their blog http://www.GoldenInnResort.com/vacationtips.