Ya know. I debated whether or not I'd write this.

Just because I don't want people to think 'wow, she has a HOUSEKEEPER'.

When truly, at the heart of it.

Zoya was more than that.

Zoya is from Poland... and she's been cleaning our house 2x a month... for almost 2 years now.

Yes.  We are in a recession.  Trust me, I KNOW that.

Different people spend their money on different things.  For instance, you may not be able to make your house payment... but you took a safari to Africa. 

Just cause you're broke.... doesn't mean you have to stop living!

I'm so getting off track here.

Back to Zoya... and why her leaving made me and Boston sad.....

Zoya has taken another job... out in the suburbs closer to where she lives.

When I first met her-she could barely speak English.  She told me how she loved this country and was taking classes to learn.  She even sat down with me and asked sweetly for help.

Although, I can BARELY speak English myself, I tried the best I could. 

Zoya taught me some fun Polish words too.

You see.. I start to tear up as I write this.

When Zoya came to us.. I was in such a horrible depression.  A place that I wouldn't wish my worst enemy on.

As I look back, I think the biggest part was post partum that had gotten far out of control.

And Zoya saw me cry....often.

She came in one day... as I was laying in a ball in my closet crying my eyes out because my heart ached so much.

I didn't even know she was here at the time.  Or I likely would have kept it together.

She came up to me and said "Mrs. U ok?" 

I pulled it together (EXTREMELY embarassed) and said 'Yes.  I was just sad."

Even though she never knew why I was sad... she said to me "It ok, I miss me family too."

She knew I was in a rough place.

There were some other things that I know Zoya was aware of... that I'll keep in my heart right now. 

One HUMILIATING thing-that's funny now.  She saw me NAKED!!!

Yeah.  Walked into the bathroom right as I got out of the shower.  Poor woman. Scarred for life after that.

But no matter what.. she was always sweet to me when she saw me.  Always excited to play with my son.

Talk about humbling.  Shut up, Joey.

Here I am, living the 'American Dream' and she has to scrub toilets to live it?!?!

I deserve an a** kicking for my selfishness.

So, a couple Fridays ago... we had to say our goodbyes.

Boston hugged her tight... laughed with her... and he treated her life family.

The family that we don't have living in Philadelphia.


We miss you already Zoya, and we thank you for shining a light in our lives. 



Joey & Boston