Every once in a while I get a submission from a PR person mentioning something they have going on.

I normally don't get to post them all-cause I've just been busy-but thought I'd share this one.

Consider it my Earth Day contribution.  =)  And ya know-I SHOULD use cloth diapers!!  Seriously.  I hate it that I use the plastic ones.  It's just so hard to do all that.  You are a super mom if you can pull that one off!  Recycle, great - I can do that-but diapers... ugh.  No excuse, I know.

Maybe I'll give it a try now that I'll have more free time. 


Hey Joey:

I have no idea if you use cloth diapers or not, but I do know you're super mom blogger so just thought I'd let you know about our cloth diaper video contest.

There's a pretty sweet prize attached to it (A $1000 gift certificate for www.parentingbynature.com).

All info is on the Why Cloth Diapers website at: http://www.whyclothdiapers.com