Good morning.

Today is Thursday...and yet another week flying by.

This morning when I got up at 4am... I couldn't go back to sleep.

Do you ever just wake up and have thoughts running through your head like a marathon?


Hubby's alarm goes off 10 times before he gets up.  I don't know how he just goes back to sleep in between.  Drives me bonkers!

I remember when my alarm use to go off at 3am every morning...

And I would JUMP out of bed.  Never hitting snooze.

Cause I loved where I was heading.

I loved being on the radio and helping everyone to get their days started.

I loved having that 'purpose'.

We've been in Philly... gosh.. it will be 3 years this summer.

And I've struggled with finding that 'purpose'..  Every. Single. Day.

I hate it.  I hate that I question myself so much.  I hate it that my family has to deal with my insanities day to day. 

Thank goodness my hubby says he's committed to me.  Cause I would have HAD me committed a long time ago!

I know... you don't have to remind me - My purpose is to be Boston's Mom.  To make sure my child is safe, fed, and well taken care of.

I assure you.. I do that.

I know that.

But, I gotta admit.  I definitely need to find another purpose to go hand in hand with being Boston's Mom.

I feel like everything I've tried to do since being a "Philadelphian" has fallen out and hit the dirt.

Recently, I felt that I truly found something that was a great answer to my 'purpose'.

But then I found that I have to be censored doing that.

Obviously, when I was on the radio the FCC had me did my employers. 

But yet... I was still allowed to 'be Joey'.

That's what I love about this blog.  Whether or not any single person reads it-doesn't matter to me.

But I know you read it... cause you send me great tweets or a message on facebook reminding me that I'm not alone.

But...I've gotten some backlash because of this blog.  Not from one... but a good handful.


Cause I'm 'saying too much'.  Cause I might 'hurt the brand'. Cause I might 'jeapordize relationships'.

Can I just tell you...

That PISSES me off.

That's like me telling my kid not to do something... makes him want to do it 10 TIMES more and with a SMILE on his face!!!  (And yes-I've learned that when I've told him 1,000 times NOT to run into the glass doors!!!!)

I'm a driven person.

I just have to figure out....

What is my Purpose Driven Life.