Ok... so I can be evil and angry 90% of the time.

But yesterday-Even AGAINST ALL ODDS I couldn't.

My husband got a new GORGEOUS car.  And he deserves EVERY second of it.

Wanna see it's beauty???!?!?

i COULD tell you about our experience - where for the FIRST time ever - our kid PEED ALL OVER ME and himself for that matter...

Or-I could tell you how emotional I GOT over his OLD car letting go... (I mean, THAT was the car he used to pick me up for dates!!)


I have GOT to brag on my hubby right now.

Seriously. I have NEVER met another human being that kept his / their car nicer than he did!!!

As mine has rotten apple cores in the side pocket-I KNOW that hubby's new car is always going to be clean.

There have only been a FEW instances where I needed to borrow his car-and it has always been EMACULATE!!!!! (I THINK that is the word!!))

He's the best.

He has given his family sooo much. 

Really... honestly.. since our wedding.

He PAID for the wedding... with his crazy hard work.

He pays for the great house over our head! (Even though it's a crazy expensive-more than a house townhouse--it rocks!!!)

He works his BUTT off- (thankfully he is in love with his job) to provide for his family.

Hubby has taken care of us... with NO issues... (well, maybe a few here and there.. SOMEONE needs to be the MONEY MAN in this relationship! lol)

He deserves this car.    Maybe we could have gotten it a BIT cheaper.. but I was on a MISSION to NOT allow him to leave the parking lot without a new car.

This car, (the old one), had over 140,000 miles on it.  He bought it, and put his (VERY nice stepfathers) name on it.  He worked his TAIL off to pay $500 a month in payments... he picked me up for FABULOUS dates with the 'old' one.. Geez.. I can honestly say-if it didn't require a cab-it was his old car.

And for this country girl-a Lexus was a LEXUS.. even if it was 10 yrs old......

I'm so excited and proud for my husband.

He's a great man. And he REALLY desevers a new (pre-owned) car.


Love you honey...