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Ok. So obviously I am breaking my goal of trying to be a positive person.


We have been in Philly - for almost 3 years now.

And let me PREFACE this by saying-I'm thrilled that this town has GREAT and passionate sports fans.

Why?  I know.  i HATE sports.  But I also LOVE sports because sports are what keeps food on the table...a roof over our heads.  Cause that's what my husband does... and since we've been here he has been a Philly good luck charm. They were in 2 World Series, McNabb gone... yadda yadda.


It's stories like THIS that makes me sick.

Mad as hell.

And ready to 'load up the truck and move to Beverly.'


During the World Series - THIS happened.

***Do not click further - adult content - Yes I'm going to CUSS LIKE A SAILOR NOW.

Really?  What the hell is wrong with people??!?!?!


That poor man who was on his BACHELOR party out with some buddies celebrating the next step in his life was KILLED by a couple of fucked up rediculously pathetic people!>!>!>!>!

This is just another situation that FRIES MY ASS with sports.  Events. Athletes. Spectators.

I thought baseball was America's favorite past time???

That poor dad who was out with his DAUGHTER trying to enjoy the event?!?!  And some stupid drunk SOB who I don't care HOW DRUNK he may have been and the balls to PUKE on an 11 year old girl??????

Come on.

There is actually a Wikipedia page with a LIST of violent spectator incidents in sports!

Why, my 1st week living in Philly, my girlfriend Mandee and I went to a Phillies game - and WE were heckled by 3 men in a SUIT sitting behind us.

One guy blurted out "Shouldn't you be at home washing the dishes, honey?"

I turned and looked him straight in the eyes and said "No.  That's my husband's job."

All his co-workers died.  And I just felt like I flew the BIGGEST bird ever. 

((We later saw him out that night at a bar and he APOLOGIZED to me.  THEN Mandee and I put EVERYTHING we had and even those around us on HIS tab.  It was an AWESOME and EMPOWERING day.  Mind you.. those were 'pre-baby' days. lol))

What am I suppose to teach my kid when he sees this sadness?  And I'm suppose to be on the sidelines rooting him on for something that makes me ill? 

I just said to my husband the other day - 'Let's take Boston to a Phillies game, he would love it! He loves to throw the ball, knows what a bat is and how to swing it - he'd love it!"

Never fucking mind. 

I'm off to buy some barbie dolls and polly pockets.