Yesterday I had a TV shoot for Better Philly.

I love going into the TV station...for a couple reasons... mainly cause I get to do what I love to do.

But also cause it's PROFESSIONAL!!  TV people are very tight laced..and professional.

Me?  Definitely a bit rough around the edges... but I can be professional. 

TV Hosts (majority) carry themselves with a since of dignity and pride..I think those are the words I'm looking for. 

Well.. maybe not... I'll use me for an example. CLICK FOR MORE... I have done it before but I STINK at delivering HARD & pressing news.  I'm a 'personality'.  I thrive on the 'fun stuff' and have a very hard time telling the story of 'if it bleeds it leads' like JOURNALIST thrive on.

So thank the TV heavens I fit in at Better Philly.

It's a fun show.  An entertainment magazine show produced in New York - but locally we add in segments.

So yesterday-(I got off track, I know) I did a segment on ETIQUETTE. 

It was the first time that I got to work with Renai Ellison.  She's another host... and she's GOOD GREAT!

She stands proud-delivers smoothly and a true journalist.

I was a bit nervous, i gotta tell ya!  I suck royally compared to Renai.  I am great when I can act 'a fool'....

But here I am about to do a segment with Renai on ETIQUETTE!?!?!

Then walks in Lizzie Post.  

You know.  The Great Grand Daughter of Emily Post?!?!  The woman who INVENTED etiquette.

Here's me-this redneck chic from southern Illinois who grew up in a log cabin.  

Yeah.  I know what you're thinking.  

Joey's toast.

I was... until chatting it up with Lizzie.

She's a freakin' riot!  LOVE LOVE LOVE her!!

She sat up straight with her shoulders held back and right on when the camera was on...

but when we were just sitting around?  You'd DIE to know what we talked about.

But that's something (believe it or not) that I'll keep to myself.  

Cause if I told you.... that would be UNprofessional.

(I already get into enough trouble from family and friends for sharing too much.) 

I will tell you-that even the most buttoned up person can let loose and live a little!

She's cute.  I said to her 'she has some big shoes to fill' and she said 'true-but even she's allowed to throw on the flipflops and let loose sometimes.'

And that's the way life should really be.... 

Im so bummed it's so fuzzy... but at least I got a shot.

Go pick up her new book!