Oh my gosh.  So. here I am this morning getting ready to run out the door for a TV shoot and I remembered someone telling me about this segment- I jumped on line and watched it.

And it's the TRUTH. Kind of.

I thought it was a 'community'.. which it IS...but it's also for many a 'business'.

And that's when the claws come out.

You've read me ....... bitching about some of these crazy broads sharing my disappointment of the issues before...

Now see for yourself.  

((DISCLAIMER - The majority of them are awesome sweethearts - but there are a couple that I'm dealing with that have shown me how down, dirty & ugly Mom Bloggers can get.It's JUST like high school.  Sweet to your face then knocks you down behind your back...NOT cool.)

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Yes.  I am a crazy broad too.  BUT-I've dealt with this competition my entire career.

It's a lot like radio/tv-but more so.... it's all about life.

These women are passionate about LIFE.

I can't fault them about that.


i always say... 'if you can't beat them.  Join them.'

But I will tell you... this 'if it's free give me 3' lifestyle annoys the hell out of me.

And ANYONE in the radio business knows what a 'prize pig' is. 

That's what I'm dealing with.

But I am NOT going to allow the b*tches to ruin my thought of the mom blog relationships.

Dad. Gone. It.