OMGosh. I LOVE this. What a fUN FUN FUN FUN FUN idea!

Absolutely hysterical.


This is where I host the TV Show Better Philly-and let me tell you.... They have TOO much fun!

Go HERE to win, k!?!?!


Here are the DEETS for you PEEPS!

This contest is basically, but not limited to, PEEPS Diorama, (if you can remember what those are!). The basic idea is make something using PEEPS. Arrange them in a fun or interesting way; make a famous scene, a character, something abstract, something involving our station or our air, basically anything, as long as it is PEEPS inspired. Above are some examples. Take a picture of what you made and use the form below to send it. Must be 18 to win the grand prize. Have Fun!