Computer Fail


Without my computer!!!'s 1am and I'm laying in bed and tip tip tipping away at my iPhone.
Maybe I should reflect on this.
And use this time wisely with making a memory with my little boy.
I guess if I didn't spend an entire weekend cranking out videos... Proposals... And reflecting in my virtual world....

Itmight not be as bad.

Then to sit at the apple store yesterday... To be told that every single bit of info on my computer will be GONE.

Makes me want to throw up.

But then I have to stop and think....

My house didn't burn down.

My child isn't sick.

All of my family is healthy.

It's not the end of the world.

Although... It hurts to know that all may be lost....

And I'm losing sleep over it...

But it's a new day.

Did I mention that my dog pooped on the deck and my kid trampled the poop on our white carpet???


Today is a NEW day.