So.. I decided that after a crazy week.. It was time for ME.

I packed up my car... and headed to the beach.

The 'shore' as they call it here.

The Jersey Shore.

Let's fist bump.

Sadly, last night - I am such a loser I lasted about 2 hours and as the rest of the awesome women that I have met here 'get down with their shore loving selves'.. I went to bed.

Thursday was a really rough emotional day for me. 

Then take me to Friday...... and after a big morning meeting.. I decided to get home and pack my bags and head out east.

To the Jersey Shore, baby.

Courtesy of my new friend Elizabeth with Avalon Golden Inn.

What a wonderful experience I'm having.

(Even though I'm a loser and ended up in bed at 8pm!!)

Today.. I got up oh sooo early. 

Grabbed breakfast and in a food coma from eating the best buffett EVAH I went for a walk on the beach.

And now.. I'm laying in bed.... with the door open.... listening to beautiful birds chirp..and the ocean waves crashing.

When it's like 20 degrees outside.