I had the most amazing weekend of my life. 

I married the man of my dreams. 

The man that I always looked for.

It was such an awesome weekend.  We got married in Key West... on Smather's Beach... then took a Conch Train to this unbelievable catamaran that we chartered for our friends and family.  Every single second of it was a girl's dream wedding.

I could go on and on about that weekend.... but I think I want to just thank my husband for the past year.

Our first 2 years of marriage was a whirlwind.  We got married.. moved to Philly in June... got a dog in August... I finally got a job.. got pregnant.. had a baby.... lost my job... went through some UGLY post partum... leading up to our 2 year anniversary.  Poor guy. 

I reflect on the last year of our lives together and like any emotional female... I start to cry. 

It was so hard.  Yet he stuck by my side.  I sure don't know how though.  I was a complete pain in his butt.  It was hard on me to accept the changes in my life.. the trade outs-if you will.  From success to stay at home.  From being fit and thin to being fat and unhealthy. 

I can honestly say... we survived it.  In every single area and struggle that most 20 years married couples don't endure-we dealt with it in 3 yrs.

I'm so lucky to have my husband.  I'd tossed me to the curb a LONG time ago!

He's a great man.  All he cares about is his family.. and providing for his wife and son. (And puppy too.)

I'll never forget any second of that awesome day.

My favorite picture of us is when Marvin (Matt's step-dad) was saying a prayer..and Matt didn't take his eyes off me. 

My husband worked his tail off to give me a the wedding of my dreams. 

And it was. 


Top 10 reasons why I loved my husband so much in year 2 of marriage:

-He takes the dog out every morning so I don't have to with Boston.

-He loves to dance with his son.

-He loves to capture every special moment with his son.

-He worked hard to give his family everything we need and more that we don't.

-He always builds me up when I'm crashing down. 

-He tells me my cooking is awesome even though I know it takes like poo.

-His gorgeous brown eyes.

-He goes out every Saturday & Sunday morning to get coffee for me and doughnuts for "B".

-He loves to shampoo the carpets.

-He answers his phone everytime I call... even when he's in the middle of a meeting. (his poor coworkers!)

-He loves me... no matter what size I am.

-He makes me feel pretty... even when I have tears from feeling ugly.

-He hugs me when I'm sad.

-He holds me when I cry.

-He believes in me.  Even when I don't believe in myself.

-He had faith that I would 'get better'. And because of him. I did.


I love you Matty... thank you for such a wonderful life.  Thank you for putting up with me and understanding my insanities.  Thank you for believing in me.  Thank you for puting your family first... even though in this past year some events made me feel last in place.  As I reflect.. I know your decisions and actions were meant for your family.

May our 3rd year of marriage be filled with fun family moments, and many sweet dreams.


Your wife - for life.