We just got back from California.  It was so beautiful there.  I bet I took 10,000 pics.  I asked DHubby if we could move there.  He of course said no.  His not a fan of the 'people'. 

Yeah.. a bit pretentious...but I REALLY think I could get over that.  How could you hate something when the sun shines EVERYDAY and palm trees sway outside your windows??

I think thats my deal.  I've got the winter blues.

Even though today the sun is shining brightly... I'm blah again.

I look out the window and see bare trees... no palm tree or gorgeous flowers.


Ok.. I have about a zillion things I have to do..and it's already noon. 

So-heres a pic from the wedding.... more will come soon!

My poor shortie hubby.  I should have worn flats.