So.. last week I got the opportunity to meet someone that is a SUPER STAR in the Twitterverse.

As you know-and follow my blog-I love love love love Twitter.  I love the instant communication.

I think Facebook is great too-when it comes to catching up with old friends.. co-workers.. etc.  Sharing pics-and seeing what the majority of the world is 'up to'.

But Jeff Pulver - my guest for the show said it best:

"Facebook for for relationships - Twitter is for emotions."

I agree.  There are so many different instances that I can talk all day about-when Twitter either made me laugh.. made me cry... or annoyed me to death showed me the importance of having an opinion!

I am by no means a 'techie'.. (I don't even think I spelled that right! lol)

But I do know-because of Twitter, Facebook and this blog-I am a happier person!  Forget spending boo-koo bucks on a psychiatrist or therapist!! 

Get on Facebook-Sign up for Twitter (and use them) and start a blog!!!

Check out our interview:


Thanks Jeff!  Loved meeting you!

Oh-and if you have plans on going to the #140 Conference-Jeff is the creator!  Small world!



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