Sometimes in my life-I really take time for granted.  I really forget how blessed I am.

I don't often stop in my tracks and get that warm fuzzy feeling in my heart. 

If you follow my blog... you know that I've had a rough time since Boston has been born.  The changes in career, location, BODY, life... it put me in a very bad place.  I was always so sad.  So depressed. Lonely.

And for the first time.. in a very long time...

I can feel the warmth.  I can feel how blessed I am. 

My little dude is 20 months old.  Or.. as my friend on twitter pointed out... a year and a half.

I can't believe it.

Tonite-I started to feel the walls closing in on me.. with a whiney dog-whiney baby boy and a whiney hubby.

Ok.. hubby wasn't whiney.  I was the whiney hiney.

The thought of being locked in this house.. all day tomorrow... started in dwell on me.  (Not to mention this diet is making me hallucinate!!!)

I put myself in a time out... and then when I returned.. I returned to my husband and little dude dancing around the living room.  Acting a fool.

That was.. oh.. 30 minutes ago.

I giggled.. and danced with them. 

Then nearly an hour past bedtime.. I got Boston - to take and put him to bed.

I told him to 'give daddy a hug good night'.. and he did.

I told him to 'give your puppy a big hug'... and he did.

I said 'wanna go see your friends and watch elmo?' and he did.

I scooped him up... went to the top of the stairs-took the binky out-and told him 'say bye to daddy'.....

And He Did.  With a loud 'BYE' and a cute wave.

I put him in his bed... carefully placed his friends around him..

You know, Elmo, Bert, Mr Monkey, Mr. Giraffe, Mr. Precious, and all the little friends that acquire in the bed over time?  His 'friends'.

I pressed Mr. Precious and he said the whole "Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep.." poem....

Boston giggled.. when I put Elmo in his arms. 

Then I swooshed the hair off to the side of his face... and said "I love you little man."

Then with the sweetest..and most sincere voice.. I heard "Mama? Mama?"

I said "yes dear'...

Then he said "Mama I...."  then pointed at his eye.

That's when the warmth took over my heart.. then whole body and broke me down....

Everytime I say to him "I Love You".. I always do the sign languange....

"I" - point to my eyes - "Love" - cross my chest - "You" - point to my Boston....


I could be wrong... maybe it was 'just the moment'...

But I think my little boy Loves Me too.

I am blessed with such a beautiful life.... Thank you God.

xoxoxox Night Night-