Sometimes, I'm not really sure where I get it from.

My mom?  She always taught me to follow my dreams. To reach for the stars. To never give up.  To kick everyone's a** who gets in my way.

Wait.  No. I can't pin the last one on her.  My mom is sweet, thoughtful, and a good Christian woman.  So maybe the last one isn't so fitting.

Then where did I get it?

Is it because I'm a Gemini?  Is it because I fought my way to the top of my career and never backed down?

Ya know.... I could wonder where I got it from all day. 

But.. I'm not really sure if it's worth it.

I do know, one things for sure.  I have a major issue (good or bad) with losing.

I also have a major issue when I'm working on something with 'good intentions' and someone or something starts getting in my way.  Or better yet, TRYING TO STEAL MY IDEAS AND IDENTITY?

Maybe I get it from my husband.

Afterall, he's the one, when confronted with a challenger who always says "I'll bury you."

And I always laugh.  Cause he says it with this pursed face.

But then again, he always has been a man of his word.

And so am I.

Well.. a woman... not a man.. you know what I'm trying to say.

Nothing is worse than when someone tries to 'steal your ideas and actions'. 

Thankfully, in this situation.... those around her can see right through her.

So.... as I continue and brutally kick her a**.... there is a constant reminder to focus on the task at hand.

And  it's just not worth it.

***Notice: I'm the BLONDE kitty - putting the smack DOWN!